Labels and Words and Value…Oh My!

Labels…it seems to be all about labels (or words). “In the beginning was the Word” John 1:1.  Are you able to comprehend a world without words?  Does the world even exist without words, without a way to describe it? Everything and everyone is labeled, given a name and assigned value.   Can you shatter the labels?  Can you remove value? Can you disrobe and walk around naked? Unashamed? What would it take in ‘polite society’ to allow you to do this?  To allow such freedom?

It seems we would rather squeeze ourselves into ill designed garments (labels) that restrict movement and restrict expression; or we borrow a persona that matches the outfit, or we find an outfit that matches our persona du jour.  Ah, today I will be an uptown-city-girl and the first things you will notice will be my high heels and pocketbook.  Many assumptions will be made about my outer packaging.

But there is a Catch-22 here–if you are able to shed the labels and walk around naked–how long do you think that lasts before new labels crop up–“anti-establishment, rebel, reactionary, liberated, etc.” –and you are right back in the box.  THAT box.  It appears life is a coffin and the word is killing us.  The way we describe our world is made out of words, thoughts, concepts, and ideas; and we believe that it is an infinite world.  But the world of words is FINITE AND ILLUSORY.  Words are like the paint on a picture–always changing colors, hues, tones, and shades–brought together to create a picture/concept; they are so very dependent on the supply that you have.  Whereas the blank canvas is never changing and equally available to everyone.  Are you the painter, the paint, or the canvas? (trick question)

The word cloud below includes words that I use to describe my life.  I left out all of the negatives and the secrets.

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