Charleston Church Murderer

church in jackson

I don’t know you
And I can’t understand
There just seems to be something intrinsically wrong
A shell too thick and hard to crack
That neither sun nor water can reach
To give you life
You are immune to humanity
Rooted in nothing
But I know me
This body is vulnerable
It can be hurt from the prick of a thorn
But that has never stopped me from gathering roses
And a broken heart hasn’t kept me from loving
And the fear of snakes has never kept me traipsing through the fields
Or climbing on rocks
And though I may have been brought to my knees
In sorrow and grief
There is something so much greater
That keeps me keeping on
I have felt hatred
And I have raged
At myself and others
Perhaps even murderously so
But life always asserted herself
Your illness is that you are immune to humanity
Immune to the joys and sorrows of living
It has nothing to do with race or religion or politics or gender
Those are scapegoats
It has everything to do with
Making others feel like you feel inside…

And there is no cure.

©bjbeyers 2015

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