Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day Dad–thank you for everything, forever, and always. I’m sitting here wondering if I ever told you that? Did I ever say thank you?  Thank you for supporting our household–sometimes that meant having two jobs. Thank you for introducing us to the wonderful outdoors–camping, fishing, swimming, gardening, boating, and farming.  Thank you for helping me raise my son–all those picking ups and dropping offs when this single parent was studying to be a nurse…and even beyond that.  Thank you for being my personal mechanic :).  Thank you for your even keel and honesty in dark times and rough waters.

I know there was a time in our relationship when the tide shifted and I was able to give back. I know that you know that I loved you.  But did I ever say thank you…really, really say thank you?  I love you. RIP


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