Ocean of Peace


I remember as a little child
I was afraid of the bogeyman
He was under my bed
He was outside the window
He was everywhere
I needed to become tough and brave

I remember as a little child
Feeling the pain of the world
The starving children
The victims of violence
The crippled and the disabled
They were all me

I remember as a young woman
With a heavy, sorrowful heart
I became a caring nurse
And a grief counselor
I lent a helping hand
To those in need

I remember being so overwhelmed
Surrounded by illness
And pain and sorrow
That I fell to my knees, wailing
And searched for relief

I remember partying
And traveling
Escaping into excitement
But it felt shallow and indulgent
And then I turned to books and gurus
To find an answer in spirituality

I remember seeking goodness in the Light
Of massage, of Reiki, of crystals
And other suchness, ad nauseum
Believing that the body/mind/spirit
Could be healed…
But it’s the belief that is toxic

I remember the explosion in my head
As the Kundalini raced up my spine
And shattered the ego
Long enough to let me see behind the illusion
And experience the Ocean of Peace–the creator of all
As the ‘self’ disintegrated

I remember completely surrendering
To the horrific nature of darkness
And to the ecstatic nature of light
Knowing that only Peace
Is unwavering and true

And the wars will be fought
And human kindness will counter
And my tears and my laughter
Can never add or subtract from This
This Peace—This GODness

Oh how simple it is to get free
Just a big YES to everything
A yes to the bad—a yes to the anger
A yes to the good—a yes to the joy
A yes to all thoughts and feelings equally

All feelings that arise
From love to hate
Are fleeting, just tiny drops of water
Waves of spittle–
That quickly merge
With this Ocean of Peace

© bjbeyers 2015

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