Another Birthday, Happy 66

Nothing special planned for today, just going to ride the tide. Too many plans for too many years have left me possessive of my minutes. They’re mine, I gather them close to me. I am also acutely aware of a sense of loneliness– this is my first birthday without my mother.

Before the morning is over, I am in my car heading to the garden center. Yep, just what I was waiting for a bee up my butt to give me direction. I immediately relax amongst the plants and water fountains and start to wander.

It is unusually warm for February–a glorious spring-like day, perfect for planting. I buy liriope to replace a couple that died; 4 border lilies with little, lavender flowers; a variegated violet; and two gorgeous red Ranunculus to feed my soul.

I strike up a conversation with the cashier, a young man in his late teens? He absolutely made my day. Let’s see, the conversation went from the real ID, to federal regulations, to immigration, to babies in cages, to loss of jobs due to automation, resulting in loss of consumers, to the benefits of women and people of color in politics, to importance of voting, to running for office! Yes, this young man said “It isn’t enough to vote, we need to run for office!” Mic drop.

The afternoon is spent playing with the dogs, planting, and responding to the birthday well wishes on social media.

I finish the evening with pizza, carrot cake and the Harriet Tubman movie…mic drop.