I Am My Garden

For years, I have started my day with a vision for world harmony and ended my day with a meditation for inner peace–my inner peace.

During the day, I worked to make that vision happen…I guess you can say, my life has been like designing and tending a garden.

The design, the vision was just a starting place–I kept it fluid to leave room for the unexpected–room for wildness–the plant someone gifts you, the volunteer that shows up, the edible weeds…

Then, I cleared out the weeds and plants I didn’t want or need–most were planted by others–my parents, ex-husband, lovers, society, school, church… Digging deep–some I pulled up by the roots and some I buried to use as food for the plants I chose.

Starting with a clean slate–inner peace–I chose what I wanted in my garden. I had to learn its sustainability, mostly by trial and error. I learned to choose plants that fed my gut, heart or soul. Plants that fit within the boundaries of my design–nothing poisonous or invasive–nobody has time for that shit.

The bounty from my garden, the fruits of my labor, I have generously shared with others…we gardeners do that. And we unite to help others–when insects strip our plants of nutrients.–we make soup and help restore the balance. You know that sprawling, poisonous red/orange😬 plant–the one disrupting harmony…we are planting blue plants to contain it.

Generally, gardeners are a harmonious lot…flowing with the twists and turns of nature…but don’t mess with us, because, ultimately, we see you as fertilizer😜

So many have yet to occupy their own plot…to pull the weeds, to plant the seeds, to tend, feed, maintain their lives–and what a shame to miss out on the harvest–it is why we are here.
bjb😍 2020

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