…you know…when you have the flu and you “think” it is cancer everywhere at the same time because you let your imagination run wild…AND your mother is calling again, angry because she is alone in a strange place AND she wants to know why you had her locked up–AND she wants to go home to Fairfield NOW–AND you’re thinking about calling Uber to have her dropped off at your sister’s because it is considered elder abuse to keep her confined against her will AND can’t she (they) help…some? AND you have to meet with the authorities from the state to review the med errors the last place made TODAY AND you’re afraid your mom is going to tell him that you’re keeping her locked up AND you have visions of ending up in jail AND the sad thing is that doesn’t sound so bad …AND her damn cat barfed on your pillow this morning…getting you out of bed at 4 am…totally oblivious to the fact that you have “bone cancer.”

(And this scenario–or a similar one–has been repeating for over 5 years)

P.S. 2020 Both mom and Maggie are gone, now…in heaven. I truly miss them. Politics and covid are manageable compared to those last months with mom. I was truly drowning.

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