The size of your vessel (body, mind, spirit) dictates your capacity, your resilience for life.

Grandmother said–

Add a teaspoon of salt
To a small vessel of water
And you taste the salt
Add it to a larger vessel of water
And it becomes more dilute
Add it to a large enough vessel of water
And it isn’t noticed.

You can’t avoid salt
It’s life
Blood, sweat, tears, semen
All salty
The world can be brackish
And biting
The smaller your vessel
The worse it seems

So next time you feel ovetwhelmed
Too briney
It is time to upgrade your vessel
Crying, exercise, sex…
May bring some relief
Adding sugar to mask it
Makes a toxic cocktail
Your body will suffer

You must shatter
The old vessel
And be boundless
Or create a larger,
More spacious vessel
There is no limit
To how vast you can become.

bjb 2020

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