There Was a Time

There was a time when I removed clocks and calendars and celebrated the natural marking of time as it unfolded.

Every turn of the Earth brought a new sunrise and sunset…a day
Every new moon marked the start of a new lunar cycle–a month
Every solar cycle was marked by the equinoxes and solstices…a year
Every birth and every death…a life
These natural beginnings (and endings) are worthy of celebration.

How did we stray so far from our natural rhythms?

Waking begins with an alarm clock, and artificial light mimics the sun.
A calendar marks time instead of the sun and moon.
Some say that life no longer begins with a baby’s first breath, but when man plants his seed.
Holidays and vacations are made-up celebrations and doled out by the government and religious corporations.
Death is artificially delayed with chemicals and/or machines–while nursing homes are overcrowded with slack and rotting flesh.
Joy is artificially induced by substances–alcohol, drugs, sugar, and stuff.

I remember when once dancing under the full moon was enough.

Print–David Lorenz Winston

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