We must begin the unfucking
We, who birthed these demigods,
Must unfuck from their harmful cycles
Of trauma, violence, greed

The further from Death they run–
To be richer, bigger, best
The greater their crimes and violence
Bow your head, walk away

We bred this pestilence
Chasing self-improvement
And plastic carrots for false security
Trying to be saved from Death

But She is here anyway
And she is the Mother we’ve longed for
Let yourself drink of Her milk
And absorb Her wisdom

Let the demigods crash and burn
Walk away from years of oppression
As they scream to your soul for pity
Let them be birthed by Death

Plant yourself firmly in the soil
Let your roots lead the way
Tend only what needs tending
Leave room for chaos

Dominate no one
Rinse their blood from your hands
Kneel in sorrow
And let your belly be rubbed

We have work to do
We have to mend the cleft
Between Life and Death
There is only one Being.

bjb 1/6/2021

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