Angels and Addicts

I come from a line of Healers and fighters.
Givers and thieves
Angels and addicts
I was “nursey, goody two shoes”
And my sister was “ai cochina”
Not comfortable with this dichotomy
With this separation
I became a wannabe thug
With my heart on one sleeve
And a shiv up the other
I dissected and eviscerated
And dove deep into the mud
To find our commonality
Our sameness
And there, tangled in our roots
I found our struggle to survive
Eons of hardships to overcome
Tough and soft roots
Twisted together
Fighters and healers
Protecting each other
Nurturing each other
Then, born of the same trunk
Branches reaching for the sun
Leaves, dancing in the wind
Singing our song of survival
We were never two
We were always one

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