Swan Song

We are not our bodies
They are just
Congealed consciousness
Thoughts, beliefs, DNA
Manifesting in form

Refecting my world--
My bones have become porous
From lack of support
With burdens too many
And from standing still
When I should have run

And my knees, my foundation
Were weak from my beginnings
Without a strong cornerstone
They threatened to collapse
With each twist and turn
So I started to dance

I drank my mother's gall
Along with her milk
Bitter and sweet
Food has become my enemy
And doesn't nurture or nourish
Just causes distress

My eczematous hands wept
Until I learned to sob
And my migraines left
When I learned to scream
To speak my truth
And keep no more secrets

My eyesight improved
When I finally saw
That grooming isn't love
And that if it isn't love
It is grooming--always

Addiction came
In the shape of a man
But with stronger knees
And improved eyesight
I showed him the door
And locked it

I was gifted a warm heart
And compassion for others
And the light of intelligence
To see in the dark
And enough courage to trust
And curiosity to seek
And humor to laugh
And expressive hands
With the urge to create

Now, I find nourishment
In my own garden
Companionship from
The innocent or awakening few
And love from
The air I breathe

Alas, slowly my light is dimming
I am just happy
To have understood my song.

bjb 2021

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