When we can dance
With the limited body
And unlimited spirit
The real dance
Of life begins

When spirit is known
And fear of death is gone
And suffering is worn
As the body's crown of glory
Only then is there true love

In my finite world
There are stories
Of trials and tribulations
And work to be done
And goals to complete

But my eternal spirit knows
It is all false...just stories
Dreams brought to life
Simply for amusement
The dance of heaven and hell

The more we desire escape
Into our made up heaven
The heavier the cross
The body bears
Suffering and burdened

Jesus peaching of God in heaven
Suffered here on Earth
But the true story
Is in His spirit returning
Proclaiming there IS NO DEATH

There is no death!
So play out your dramas
Nurse your wounds
Assuage your fears
Soothe your grief

Or wake up
Hark! She has risen!
Or has she fallen
Smack dab into
Love of THIS life?

In love with Herself
In love with all of it
Spirit knows the story is brief
Not even a chapter
Barely a period in time.

So play your part
Give it your heart and soul
Be you villain or savior
You have a story to tell
Then take your bow

And the curtain falls...


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