Staircase to Heaven

We live in parallel universes
And we wonder why we can't unite
Like radio receivers on different stations
We're as different as day and night

Some of us move through the ethers
With friends on every stair
We know the differences aren’t choices
But designed with the utmost care

Take territorial red Fred
Salt of the earth to some
To others-he is bigoted
An angry son-of-a-gun

And orange Olly seeks fun
Seeks love, seeks hope
Get addicted to religion
Or gets addicted to dope

And yellow Lenny in designer jeans
A hardworking lovable bear
Judges worthiness in dollars and cents
Has his nose up in the air

And green Angie is my favorite
Her cheeks-always wet with tears
Saving the planet, saving all lives
She is old beyond her years

And blue Joan speaks her truth
For whomever wants to hear
A poet, a writer, a songster
From her bones to your ears

And indigo, insightful Izzy
Can hear what the ethers say
Some may call her crazy
As she pushes 'sanity' away

And then there is violet Violet
Who really isn't here at all
She holds space for all creation
And you've been invited to her ball.

(c) 2021 bjbeyers

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