Nobody’s Home

For 50 years I was a seeker
Searching for the deepest "Who Am I"
I used philosophy, psychology, theology
And mystics to clear my muddied mind

Every thought and belief examined
I followed every emotion to its core
No stone was left unturned
I opened even the darkest doors

I lost my name, I lost my past
My self dissolved, all boundaries gone
And in that spacious infinity
I merged with the love of One

Oh the joy of life unfiltered
Oh the peace of no desires
Oh the empty overflowing
Oh the love of each inspire

And when I greet you next
You'll see the same old me
You're looking at your memory
Projecting who you want to see

At the ground of all our being
Is a nameless energy of love
That we have all forgotten
Below seems separate from above

It is this separation
That has all beings seeking more
A bigger this, a better that
Such unrest is at our core

And most will die lost in their minds
Unfiltered life will pass them by
And they will be none the wiser
Their beliefs have closed their eyes

The wind is now my master
I follow the whispering of the trees
And now I know what I was seeking
Is what was seeking me.

(c) 2021 bjbeyers

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