Finding Soul

There is a deep feeling I call Soul
A calm peaceful harmony--
That once I only glimpsed
She was hidden by my busyness

Good thoughts, bad thoughts
Were like clouds or even storms
Distracting me, distancing me
From Her stillness

Going here, going there
Were trips away from Her
And I begrudged the interruptions
I wanted only to discover Her depths

I relished my quiet time
The mystical inner explorations
The rocky beaches and verdant meadows
That can only be uncovered when alone

None of you, nothing of this world
Will travel with me to the other side of time
Except for Her, my love, my Soul
And I've come to know Her well

So with my best friend by my side
We dance in all of the storms
Life's only purpose is to find Her
And die into the purity of Her love.

bjbeyers 2021

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