Fear is an Octopus

Follow your fear
Little one, little one

Follow your fear
Back, go back in time

It isn't that spider
It isn't that bogeyman

Go back further, deeper
Follow the thread of fear

Feel its tentacles in your body
Not your mind

"NO, no!...it feels like death
Harmful, mean...unloving"

Hug yourself, you are safe
You are strong, you survived

Dismantle all the protections
You once needed, slowly

Untangle all the knotted areas
Let the trapped energy flow

Watch the projections fade
The flashbacks diminish

Most adults have been imprinted
Branded with the fear of death

Buried in the subconscious
It's tentacles expressing this fear

With greed, violence, anxiety, jealousy,
Racism, misogyny--all the hate we see

All one root--fear of death
Of annihilation

Lose your fear
Fall into the Sacred Mother's arms.

bjb 2/22

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