When Soul Speaks

Life lived
Moment by moment
Takes on a poetic hue
Birdsong is louder
Colors seem brighter
Worries cease

With mind so focused
On the here and now
Yesterday and tomorrow
Soul and heart come alive

Accept only that which
Is on the plate in front of you
Don't forage from the past
Or seek fruit
Out of season
Receive what this moment brings

For only in stillness
Will the soul speak
And only in stillness
Are we able to hear
Able to accept
What She offers

Her gifts are many
Her creativity boundless
Trust the 'letting go'
And the 'letting in'
Trust the dissolution
And the transformation

Trust the welling of your heart
The influx of Her energy
That guides you
This way or that
This is Her voice
Listen closely.

(c) 2022 bjbeyers

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