Fabric of Our Being

There are deep truths in life
It is the fabric
That life gets printed on
It is the fabric
That sustains life
It is a fabric
So sheer and ethereal
Woven into our being
That it is often missed

It is said,
"You can't see the forest
For the trees."
That is applicable here
We can't know our soul
While lost in the trees
Lost in the minutiae of life
Yet it is always right here
Throughout our beingness
Throughout our aliveness
Silent, pulsing, creative energy

Separateness is impossible
And it is just an illusion
Only creative energy
Contracting AND expanding
In every moment
Oh the colors we have
To play with
And the sounds and feels
And tastes, and smells
And emotions
And words

We get lost in the trees
It truly is both
Heaven and hell
From one
To two (binary, dualism, polarities)
To ten-thousand things
From Universal Soul
To man and woman
AND contracting

So have fun
Or not
It doesn't matter
It doesn't freckin matter
Once you see
The forest AND the trees
The illusion of
Separateness disappears
All that is left
Is a paint brush
With nobody holding it

bjbeyers 2022

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