Breathed Into Being

Life starts and ends
With the breath

We are breathed by life
Rushing into our lungs

We think we breathe
But no, we are being breathed

Try to stop--you can't
You must do its bidding

You have been claimed
By this wondrous, invisible entity

And are now plugged in
Feel it breathe you--

Let it bathe all your cells
Let it find the dark, hidden places

Let it caress your fears away
Let it expand the contracted spaces

Until you and what breathes you
Become one

This aliveness is love
You can't escape the intimacy

You can't escape the lightness
Of full exposure, disclosure

As you are breathed
And alivened more and more

To be "well-breathed"
Is to be buoyant

Easily skipping
Through the currents of life

Empty and full.



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