Human Parasites

Human Parasites

When the hamster wheel stops
And you know you'll never
Have the desire or oomph
To start it going again
So you sit watching
Birds and butterflies

And you realize
The stillness contains
You'll ever need
It always has
But the busyness
Of a 'productive life'
Has obsured the joy
Of just being

1972 to 2017
On a hamster wheel
Is a very long time
Go, go, go
Do, do, do
Such a strange dream
Where life and living
Freedom and joy
Are sacrificed
To the ones who own
The hamster wheels

Oh, that dangling carrot
And the fear of death
Keeps our legs pumping
Spinning out an artificial life
Destroying the very Earth
We need to sustain us
But if you dare to stop
And shake your fist at fear
A new world WILL be born

But, sadly, we aren't raising
Rebels or heros
Each new generation
Is being indoctrinated
Into artificial life
Younger and younger
Their heads programmed
Full of desire for the carrot
And their hearts are empty
Their senses numbed

So I'll enjoy my stillness
And let it expand to envelop
The wars and natural disasters
And know it is nature's way
To rid herself of human parasites
Either you are for Her
Helping to sustain Her
Or you're against Her
Do you think a dog cares
About killing fleas on his body
When he scratches?

And I hope others will wake up
And leave the artificial paradigm
The patriarchal heirarchy
And live like nature intended
Wild and free
In service to
And in harmony with
Mother Nature
And her creatures
There is no other boss
No other employer...

bjbeyers 3/2023

Art by: Lisa Aisato

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