Only Aliveness

There was once a solid me
You knew me by the labels
Friend or colleague
Or family--daughter, sister
Mother, aunt, niece, cousin, wife...
Or by my jobs or hobbies
Or places I've lived
And I knew you by your labels

But the labels were too constricting
So I let go a little
Roles changed
Nurse became artist
Some friends morphed into family
Coworkers became friends
And families divorced one another

But it was all very surface
Expanded labels are still labels
Roles played are still roles
So I went deeper still
To find Me beneath the me

And at first I found a composite
A mosaic of conditioned beliefs
And bits of all the people
I've ever known
But only as
Perceived by me
So no reality there

So I went deeper
Into total expansion
And disappeared
Dead but more alive
Empty but overflowing
Even body-less

And yet life goes on
Creation never ceases
Aliveness never stops
And sometimes this body
Continues with old programs
But the past is fading
And it no longer matters
There is no better or worse
Only the dance of Aliveness

Cha cha or tango
Waltz or samba
All is choreographed
By Aliveness...God...Creator

There was never a separate me
And there isn't a separate you.

bjbeyers 3/2023

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