Pure Acceptance

Seven billion pairs of human eyes

Can’t reflect Your brilliance

For You can only be known

In the Grace of silent blindness

And I glimpsed

In a Holy instant

That all is Harmony

All is Peace

And as Your vibration rippled through me

I put down my sword

And I had no words

For both were rendered meaningless

In that silence, in that stillness

Joy arose

And I was bathed–immersed in the flow of Energy

That is in everyone and everything

A rhythmic, creative pulsing

A heartbeat breathing life

With no beginning and no end

And no meaning

Neither good, nor bad, nor right, nor wrong

In that moment of Pure Acceptance

I laughed tears of joy

Fell on  my knees

And kissed the Earth

In Awe.

12/2013 (c) bjbeyers

Bobbie Jean
Bobbie Jean

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