Divine Mother

In this stillness of morning
Before thought splits the day
I surrender to Divine’s embrace
And feel Her breathe me—
The beat of my heart pulses to Her rhythm.

She breathes the world into existence
The ebb and flow
Day and night
Contraction and expansion
Awake and asleep
Chaos and order
Life and death
Her vibration infuses everything.

But if you seek Her only in joy
She’ll be hidden to you in your sorrow
If you attracted to Her beauty in the rose
You’ll miss Her message in the thorns
If you follow only Her light
You’ll get lost in the dark
If you only see Her only in peace
You’ll be blind to Her in war
And how will you recognize Her in death
If you cherish only life?

She is nurturer and warrior
You don’t have to give when it’s time to withhold
Or love when love hurts
Or stay when it is time to go
Only learn to dance to her vibration
And harmonize with the song
She sings only for you…

Corvid on canvas, acrylic paint, 12×12

©bjbeyers  12/2011

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