Mama’s Coloring Books

So many memories
You left behind
And I see this and that item claimed…
Personal reminders
For your chickies to hold dear
A shirt you wore
Pottery you made
A piece of jewelry
But being sensitive to energy
I feel you in all those pictures
You colored and signed
And your energy is still warm…
An image of you appears to me
You hunched over your book
With a gazillion colored pencils
Around you…choices
You had choices…This was right before
Apathy took up residence
Coloring was the last thing
You enjoyed creating
You weren’t just passing time
You took the time
And put forth the effort
I remember taking you to shop
For the right kind of pencil
You cared…it mattered
No one chose a coloring book
There was one for each
So, I get to reap all that energy
My soul drinks it in
As I flip through the pages
And see your hand, your fingers
Poised over your paper
With delicate precision
And still full of life…
I miss you mama
4/2019 bjbeyers

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