Sticks and Stones Doll Stories I

Yarn of Love

These sticks and stones Barblings were made for my dear friend, Becky, who lost her sister to breast cancer.I met Jacquie in her final weeks; she went home to die and I was there as a friend to Becky and a nurse to Jacquie. Becky was pregnant, had a toddler and aging parents to care for…and I was between jobs.Jacquie passed away before completing an Afghan she was crocheting–she was only years 40 years old.These Barblings are crocheted from the yarn she was using, and the message they carried was–

“We can choose to throw stones, to stumble on them, to climb over them, or to create with them.” WA Ward

RIP Jacqueline Sherouse 1947-1987

Alyssa’s Baby

This little Barbling went to my grandniece Alyssa–she had to have “him.” Alyssa loves babies, especially Black babies and has decided she is going to have one–a Black baby boy someday. When she was in highschool, she took a parenting class. She was spending the weekend with me and had to bring her baby. Well long story short–she broke the baby’s neck–let it flex too much and an alarm sounded. She sobbed the rest of the night–not only because, “I killed my baby” but because she was afraid she was going to flunk the class. I was laughing hysterically and could not contain my mirth–every few minutes, I’d burst out laughing again.
When I gave her this Barbling–I made sure I reinforced its neck 🙂 .

Barbling for Kindness

This Sticks and Stones Barbling went to my grandnephew, Daniel. He was struggling at school and was being bullied. The shirt that this Barbling is wearing under the crocheted vest–is a piece of my mother’s blouse. She was a woman who had to overcome many obstacles; she was very courageous and I hoped that some of her strength would find its way to Dan. The message that this Barbling carried:

Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But words
Can never harm me

It does not matter if I’m short or tall
It does not matter if I’m big or small
It does not matter if I’m dark or light
Unkind words are never right

My heart is safe inside my chest
It reminds me to always do my best
I will be brave and walk away
And ignore what bullies have to say

Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But I won’t let
Your words harm me…

Baby Barbling

This Barbling is a decorative, art doll that I made and gave to my great grandniece, Melodie. I also crocheted a blanket to wrap her in. Her mommy knows that Sticks and Stones Barblings are not toys –(I had visions of Melodie poking her eye out with the stick arms or legs so I ‘dulled’ them before gifting her the doll). I put her in a wood cigar box that belonged to her great grandfather. She carried the same message as Daniel’s doll.

Tie-Dyed Mama

How I love this Sticks and Stones Barbling! She was made from some fabric I tie-dyed years ago. I was decorating vases, back then, wrapping them is dyed gauze or silk and putting lights or candles in them. I had just taken a silk dyeing class, so everything was being wrapped–vases, bottles, tables–I think I still have some around (oh, the stories they could tell). This Barbling reminds me of a whirling dervish–whirling in the sunlight, barefoot, laughing as she gathers herbs…so, of course, she went to my good friend, and nature lover, Marlene. xoxo.

Fancy Bar-Bling!

This Fancy Barbling was made for my good friend, Debi. She was made with cinnamon arms and legs and bling. Even the yarn had bling. When I think of Debi, I not only recall all the rough roads we’ve traveled–I think of spice and glitz and laughter.

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