I traveled to that other shore
In a boat of solitude and grace
Way beyond where mind can go
And body has no face
Where words are feeble and can’t describe
This serene and infinite space

I looked back into ego’s mind
And in that moment’s glance
I saw eddies of opposing energies
Spiraling in a trance
Love/hate, rich/poor, life/death
Doing their repetitive dance

My old life tried to suck me in
To its drama of highs and lows
And the Siren’s song stirring
Emotional ebbs and flows
But something changed on that yonder shore
And the stillness wouldn’t let go

And in this deepening quietude
Nothing can block the light
There are no judgments
Of who is wrong or who is right
There is just a sure knowing
From some silent inner sight

And though my journey isn’t over
I’ve nowhere else to roam
There are no more doors to open
For everywhere is my home
Everywhere is my homePicsArt_03-13-08.03.14

©bjbeyers 7/2012

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