Mother Daughter Barblings

These two sticks and stones were my first. Primitive, folk art. The one on the right is wearing a dress cut from my mother’s tshirt. The one on the left is wearing a crocheted dress.

About that dream, that woke me at 11:11 p.m. I had gone to bed wondering why I was making dolls…first all crocheted and now these sticks and stones dolls–you see I never liked dolls, never played with them as a little girl.

Well, my mother came to me in that dream and my little Barblings morphed into the children in the immigrant prisons and thay told me their names…Diego, Francisca, Jesus, Apolonia…and I was filled with grief.

In that moment I recognized that these dolls were made from my sorrow and frustration for the babies in cages. My mother called me mija (she never called me mija) and told me not to worry. She said we are all there taking care of the children…we, meaning the ancestors.

I was shaken, more ideas for dolls flooded me…you know, because that’s what empath/artists do…we receive ideas/feelings/enegy and create. But we also give.

So, now, I need to change my Etsy entries to reflect that a donation to either RAICES and/or KIND (ACLU) will be given for each doll sold…

Ok, I’m off to work out some details…

The Etsy journey continues.

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