Poor Poor Pitiful Me


The stories you tell yourself are just stories
Your fucked up life doesn’t really exist except in your head

I remember when I first woke up to find that the sun is always shining
That there is a constant something…call it God, or Love, or Awareness

And that life is just too damn short to be lost in stories
These hands, these eyes, these ears, this nose, this tongue…are miracles

Every moment alive is a poem, a symphony, a garden
The mind brings separation–race, gender, good/bad, happy/sad

And keeps us longing for wholeness, that’s what suffering is…longing
The white supremacists long for wholeness in purity of race

The religious long for forgiveness and the love of God
The sad long for happy–the ill long for wellness

Mind even splits gender…so one longs for another
But mind’s longing is insatiable and there is no end to the suffering it causes

When the heart awakens it sees no separation, there is no longing
It does sadness with tears and happiness with laughter

It has few requirements–safety, shelter, foods, water, clothing, health, companionship, and freedom of choice

The mind sees male or female
The heart sees human beings

The mind has high notes and low notes
The heart has harmony

The mind has black or white
The heart has the rainbow

The mind has good or bad
The heart has compassion

The mind has longing for more
The heart has contentment

I don’t know if your heart will awaken in your lifetime
Or, if you will continue to suffer

I do know you chose to make this journey
You accepted the challenge in the spirit of adventure

You agreed to seek for the Holy Grail
But failed to see God as dog.

(c) barbjbeyers.com 2/2020