Piano Woman

This body of mine
Is a receiver of energy
Vibrations/waves of feeling
Passing through.

There is a finite range
My body is able to receive
But we think it is infinite.

I’ve studied this a long time
I know the feel of my highest high
Joy, ecstasy, awe, even bliss.

It doesn’t matter what or where
The same vibration of awe repeats
Although the causes change.

I know my lowest of lows
The on my knees keening in grief
With soul piercing sobs.

And I know the burn of anger
The volcanic eruption of rage
The iciness of contempt.

And the numbing depression
With a bone weary exhaustion
Unable to take one more step.

I know pain–surgical pain
And writhing in pain
From giving birth

And sadly, I’ve known
Escape through dissociation
From fear too monstrous to endure.

And the sights, sounds and smells
May change
But the notes they play
Remain the same.

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