Primary Knowing

There is a reality that your body/heart/soul understands–I call this primary or radical knowing.

Then there is the story made out of words that your mind creates. I call this secondary or abstract thinking.  Words can affect what the body feels in the way of varying emotions.

We live in a society made out of secondary thinking. Words, concepts, beliefs…are very fluid–because they are not based in primary reality. The rules and boundaries are always changing.  We have lost touch with primary knowing/being and live in a world of thinking/doing.

Secondary thinking is based on the concept of self and other–two. Binary. Opposites. Dichotomous. Split. Boy/girl. Right/wrong. Happy/sad. It is a wonderous world of contrasts for the mind to create, manipulate…however, it has no primary reality. It is rootless. There is no foundation. 

Primary knowing has no words to divide it…to chop it up into: tree, God, dog, felon, death, Russia, her, him…there is only one–some call it love, some call it God, some call it awareness, some call it universal consciousness, some call it oneness… I sense it as an expansive, loving energy that permeates everything and I feel it, in my body, as a gentle peace, or contentment. Constant. Unwavering. Eternal.

Most of the world lives on the secondary thinking plane. When we live in our heads, we live in a house divided. There are so many rooms that define us: our past, our future, our society, our culture, our religion, our gender, our age, our race, our physicality, our psychology, our DNA, our wealth, our health, our politics, our labels…

When the wind of adversity was strong enough–my house of cards fell–I no longer had a point of reference. There was no longer a me to make you a separate you. The separation, the walls were gone. My mind was released from the stories it had been fed. All I had was a sense of aliveness that I knew was never-ending–and an excited energy percolating in my cells driving me with curiosity to see around the next corner, and the next, and the next—not for the sake of attainment—but for the sense of awe!

I can’t say I wasn’t ready for the release, or that it took me by surprise; I had been chipping away at the secondary story for years–investigating my belief system, scrutinizing societal ‘norms’, examining religion and seeing what resonated with some deep inner chords—universal chords.  All of nature, parts of the Bible, poetry, art, music, Zen pointers, Jungian psychology, philosophy or even fiction harmonized with some buried energetic memory. I knew there was a deeper meaning to life.

With the awakening—with the sense of deep inner peace–I was able to see life as an adventure—one that we choose—it is our reason for being.  Without the fear of death, adversity becomes an adventure in which we navigate between Scylla and Charybdis. There are monsters to fight, mountains to climb, and rivers to cross.  It is this sense of adventure that drives us.  We were made for this. 

We are all on a treasure hunt—this is life! We search for the holy grail,  the fountain of youth, the cure for cancer, gold, or to free the damsel in distress…but these are the distractions.  The real goal is to find home, to collapse our house of cards to get back to primary being.

I no longer stress when someone is struggling with their life’s story. I know them as David vs. Goliath or Odysseus vs. the Cyclops. I see them as resourceful, courageous, smart, and powerful–or they wouldn’t be here.

However, I do and will oppose all who block the journeyers from waking up–by keeping them prisoner in the story–imprisoned/blinded with lies, poverty, violence, ignorance, illness…for nefarious gains.

Everyone deserves to find Heaven on Earth, this is our garden of Eden–let’s reclaim it.

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