Everyday. Covid-19 Poem#1

Everyday I am outside, with my hands in the soil.
Everyday I pet my cat and romp with my dogs.
Everyday I wait for water to boil,
For coffee to drink while I write in my blog.
Everyday I laugh and find someone to love.
Everyday the clouds of sorrow drift by.
Everyday I whisper to the beyond and above.
Everyday I take a moment to sigh.
Everyday I dance on my achey knees.
And offer my face to the sun for a kiss.
Everyday I’m grateful for the birds and the bees.
Everyday I’m in love with all of this.
Everyday somewhere there is tragedy and loss.
Everyday somewhere whole nations mourn.
Everyday male violence has a high cost.
Everyday families are tattered and torn.
Everyday I press for a safer tomorrow,
A world without patriarchal greed.
Everyday I envision the lessening of sorrow,
Where man has become a much kinder breed.
Everyday I sway to life’s ebb and flow.
Every night I soak up the stars and the moon.
Every moment is a gift–this I know–
And everyday will be over too soon…

(c)bjb 2020

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