The Edge of a Dime

Some of you are familiar with my dime theory…

Life is like a dime…heads has all of the usual stuff to to be grateful for…that warms our hearts… and tails has all of the stuff we try to avoid…because it chills us to the bone.

So grateful to have made it to the edge of that dime–to be able to see both sides at once–and be at peace inside. It is all about balance…

FB is good at exposing both sides…it is all here…the posts that are so sweet that they make your teeth ache and posts that are so heinous that they make your skin crawl.

Most desire the sweet or heads side of the coin–and tails gets ignored and can flourish in the darkness. I think we are seeing this played out in the world. Everyone wants to rush into the light and ignore what lurks in the shadows.

It takes courage to shine your light onto the underbelly of life-into the darkness of your own soul. To face your fears. To tackle your monsters. Until you can keep one foot in heads and one foot in tails–your coin is always flipping.

Compassion is the measuring stick of our humanity. Compassion is synonymous with courage. It has nothing to do with right or wrong, good or bad–it just is. There is no option, you don’t get to run to the sunny side of the coin…or point your finger at someone else.

If a baby comfort him, period. You don’t make a judgement for or against him.

bjb 2015

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