HIV/AIDS Epidemic

The changing world–remains the same. Wonder what we’ll learn this time.

I remember when the horrific HIV/AIDS epidemic hit the US in the 1980’s. It changed the way we practiced nursing. Prior to that we didn’t wear gloves to start IVs, we didn’t wear gloves when drying off a bloody, drippy newborn…I can still remember the feel of sticky vernix all over my hands.

It was a very somber time… it was a scary time…blood was our enemy, saliva was our enemy, amniotic fluid was our enemy, breast milk was our enemy…a contaminated needle prick could mean death. And if you did get exposed it took up to 6 months (seroconversion) to know.

I remember when The Baths closed in San Francisco…and the horrible stigma plastered on the gay community. (Like some are trying to do to the Chinese.)

But it was the birth of Universal Precautions!

Covid-19 will change us–sheltering at home will change us–wearing masks will change us–but what doesn’t change is the blossoming of our collective creative spirit. Wow–what an explosion.

bjb 2020


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