There Is a Virus in the White House

There is a virus in the White House
No brain, just coiled RNA
In a fragile fatty coat
Its job is to infect cells
And turn them into mindless robots
To replicate and spread itself
It is always looking
For new hosts to infect.

There is a war going on
The antibodies are fighting
Against the virus
You can tell the infected ones
They vote against their best interest
Sacrificing their healthcare,
Their education, their paycheck
To help the virus survive

They mimic what the virus says
And are impenetrable to truth
But the antibodies won’t give up
They are gaining in numbers
More and more are recognizing
That the virus will be deadly
If it isn’t stopped
Before it is too late.

The virus thwarts the antibodies
Withholding help and PPE
But the antibodies build bridges
And climb over obstacles
There will be casualities
The virus will take its toll
But the antibodies will win
Our world depends on them…

bjb 2020

Antibodies attacking a virus

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