The best gift I ever got
Was the advice
From my mama
About a box of crayons

She told how the light pastels
Were sweet and soft
And innocent and fragile
Like springtime and a child’s laughter

And womanhood would ripen me
If I let it, into the rich jewel tones
With depth and nuance and mystery
Bold, bright and vivacious

But old age is best of all, she said
Fearless, you will embrace the earth tones
The soulful browns and mournful greys
And dark midnight blues of wisdom

And when you love all the colors equally
Blend them
Create your own unique palette
That is the reason for life

So go child. Live.
Gather as many colors as you can
And weave them into a tapestry
Portraying a life well lived.

bjb 2000

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