The Other

If only we could see our face on the “other”
If only we could walk in their shoes
We couldn’t close our heart to their sorrow
We would carry their debt and pay their dues.

They must be so weary of being the other
Aren’t you weary of holding them down?
Climbing on their shoulders to get higher
Shouting, “I win!” As you let them drown.

Life is challenging enough on its own
At times we all need a helping hand
Mother Nature can wreck havoc
Without the addition of hatred by man.

My mother is native…her skin color brown
My father from pilgrims…privileged and white
My heart pumps out warm rivers of sorrow
And my privileged white hands try to do right.

And, if you could see our shared humanity
Perhaps it would open your heart
Love and respect are EVERYONE’S birthright
Come. Celebrate diversity. It’s a good place to start.

bjbeyers 2020 (fb)

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