Heaven is a Verb

Heaven is a Verb

There is never a moment that doesn’t create the next moment–and the next.
We are always birthing something–even if it is just another day that is similar to all the days before it.

The world is made up of energy, molecules, waiting for our instruction.
Our thoughts (conscious and unconscious), our beliefs, and our intention, orchestrate/conducts the symphony that plays for us.
Hip hop to classical–it is all valid.

You see, perfection lies in the creating–NEVER in the finished product.
Even the Heaven y’all are waiting for–becomes Hell if you stay too long.
Change has to happen–it is the law of the universe. It is God’s gift.

We created this current symphony–I know, it sounds like a funeral dirge (covid-19, police brutality, corruption…)
Perhaps to bring to light all the sour notes–to try again for something different.
But as a nation, we will never agree on the finished product, EVER.

Perhaps the only success a nation, a community, a family can have is to be the background hum–the raw material–the safe, fertile foundation, upon which each can create their song. Just the basic necessities for physical and mental wellness (access to clean water, nutritious food, unpolluted environment, safety from the elements, education, opportunity to earn money, human kindness)–the rest is up to us.

And perhaps, the goal is acceptance and cooperation–to not write another’s song for him, to not steal his music, force your song on him, or try to “improve” his notes–mind your own song. Some will sing ditties alone and some will enlist others to help write symphonies–let them create–life is a verb, a hunger, a doing–on the background of being.

We will always go back to the drawing board–we can never get it “right”
Because God dangles the carrot
And Heaven is in the creating–

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