Follow the Sun

Mama didn’t raise her baby to not matter
Like every mother, everywhere
The love, the hope, the dream
Is fierce and deep

Mama didn’t say to her budding sunflower
I want you to be an English rose
No, she saw her natural beauty
She knew God was in her original being

But, society wants conformity and uniformity
So the sunflower was pruned and contorted
And no longer recognizable
Not a rose and no longer a sunflower

And society was even less happy
Man’s dicking with them
Made them too thorny
They lacked obedience

You see, instead of following man
They still followed the sun
The body may be battered and bruised
But the soul knows the Truth

We don’t want to be English roses
But we all deserve a piece of Earth
Our type of nutrients, clean water, fresh air
A chance to thrive, to bloom, to sing.

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