Feminine Energy

Until women (feminine energy)-are in charge of the living world–it will continue to be destroyed by man (masculine energy).
Feminine energy has been missing for too long and the world is suffering.

Feminine energy shows up in the mother who can create and nurture life. She has the womb and the breasts. She is compassionate.

Feminine energy has cycles–like the rhythms of the natural world–the phases of the moon, the ebb and flow of the oceans. She has an intimate knowing of life. She is intuitive.

Feminine energy loves all of life equally–like a mother loves her children equally–it is impossible to choose one over another. She is fair.

Feminine energy can become the she-bear when a cub is threatened-with just the right amount of force. She is just.

Feminine energy has the strength to birth babies–the willingness to sacrifice herself for another. She is courageous.

Feminine energy teaches her children to be self-reliant and to be kind to others. She educates.

Feminine energy flows in everyone, but has been severely suppressed. Police brutality, unequality, racism, male violence, rape, war, greed, poverty, homelessness, lack of education are all symptoms of male energy run amok.

It is time for a shift.

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