Mt. Rushmore 2020

It was a moment to weep. I watched the first people protesting peacefully–the elders, men, women, children…singing songs with the occasional fighting calls and screams of their people. Some of the women were dressed in long skirts and some of the men had feathers in their hair. ‘Earth people’ is what I thought.

Then the police, ramrod straight, heavily armored–they could have been machines or even cartoon characters–it was surreal. I prayed no one would get hurt.

Then the bloated orange clown, with his entourage and arrogance. Bowing down to stone, man-made gods. Glorifying the defacement of a sacred mountain…while ignoring the brown Earth people on whose land he trod.

I thought of Jesus and the Romans…it was so clear whose side Jesus would have chosen. He would not have been watching fireworks paying homage to dead white men. He would have been washing the feet of the Earth people.


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