Door After Door

There is this drive for accomplishment,
A sense that something must be achieved
Or a drive for adventure
A sense that there is somewhere to go
But it is a phantom carrot
Calling you thru door after door
Dangling a desire for progress
A desire for change

In school, one grade after another
In life, one age older than the next
In psychology, a rising of consciousness
In jobs, climbing the ladder to success
In religion, the reward of heaven
In spirituality, the search for enlightenment

The same fake carrot for every generation
They do not begin where we leave off
I cannot give them my experiences
Or my wisdom
They must start at the beginning
Over and over again

I want to tell them
LInearity is an illusion
There is no yesterday
There is no tomorrow
There are only cycles
Going around us
And we are in the center
Standing still.

7/2020 bjb

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