Life is a process of forgetting…of veiling our authentic self (pure awareness).
It starts early. Why–is a mystery.

Life is also a waking up–a remembering of our authentic self (pure awareness). This is my abbreviated story.

1st veil–conditioning. Learning how to please others. The polarity of binary thinking begins–good/bad, right/wrong, pretty/ugly…

2nd veil–indoctrination. Being taught the beliefs of others–school, religion, society, culture. A man-made world of words.

3rd veil–choice. Choosing a life path based on conditioning and indoctrination. Wife, mother, career…

4th veil–disenchantment. Is this all there is? Suffocating–we choose distractions–spirituality, travel, hobbies, addictions…middle-aged crisis.

5th veil-rock bottom. Dark night of the soul. Seeing a glimmer of light under the veils. Sensing authentic self but don’t know how to get there.

6th veil-journey inward. Inquiry-who am I? Burning off all beliefs, labels, history, polarities. A turtle without a shell. Nothingness.

Veil-free1-home. Nameless, boundless, wordless, empty. Silence. Pure awareness. Warm golden honey. Love. Peace. Truth. Nothingness morphs into one with everything. God.

Veil-free2-return. Returning to world hiding behind old masks–knowing it is a mask. Knowing the world is illusory. Burning off old karma. Vertical time/linear time. Letting go/holding on.

Veil-free3–no free will. Everything is connected. Harmony. Balance. Energy dancing. Pure creative energy.
Deathlessness experiencing life fearlessly.


Everything is perfect. There is no goal other than unveiling.

It isn’t pure awareness if it is veiled–it is suffering. Even happiness is suffering when compared to the boundlessness of pure awareness.

It was really easy to get stuck in the 4th veil of “feel-good escapism”. The many shades of pray. New age spiritualism.

Most won’t make it past veil 3. They will die as their false or conditioned self–none the wiser–and that is ok.

We are attracted to the purity of dogs and children–because they are veil-less?

Some have veils that are very thin-empaths, psychics, mystics. Some have veils that are really dense and they can be very cruel.

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