On Politics

Love and hate–everything– arises from the realm of pure awareness (God, universal consciousness). All are equally valid.

Enlightenment is being one with everything…but enlightened embodiment is knowing that the way energy moves through each individual is different. From the one to the many.

Embracing and studying our own reactions will show us our conditioning, our indoctrination, our DNA, our karma (including ancestral karma). This is not good or bad. They are just veils…our individual neural web.

Do not try to turn your anger or hatred into love. You will be denying your soul’s response. Acceptance is the goal–accepting your own feelings and accepting that “the other” is also coming from his programming…and he loves his point of view as much as you do yours.

It is possible to sense the realm of pure awareness and still respond neurally/reflexively. Rejoice in the human experience.

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