Immutable Peace

Once, I was pondering the never-ending horrors of the world and my inability to reconcile it, in my psyche, with my desire for love and peace. I wrangled with this for years, before understanding that one has nothing to do with the other.

Peace, love is the constant…it is immutable…it is our birthright…it is that which cannot be spoken…only felt in our hearts. If we are not aware of this peace, then we have forgotten our Truth.

The world that most people experience and believe in is the world of our mind…the push-pull of opposites. Binary thinking of the split brain…necessary to navigate in society…it is a judging, hierarchical world of reactions. You can’t know good without bad. It is a world of words and stories and beliefs…and it obscures the Truth. The most peace one can have in this world, is to find middle ground (Tao)…to try to quiet incessant fear of lack…of not being enough, of not having enough–thus fueling the push-pull, love-hate duality. bjb

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