Beyond the Veil

I’ve seen beyond the veil

First by ascending
Going as far as my mind could go
Questing, seeking
Shedding years of conditioning
Further and further
All words, all labels, all beliefs
Shattered by a white light
Shooting through my head
To the heavens
Kundalini rising higher and lighter
OH Sweet release
Only this, right here, right now

Then by descending
Going as deep as my emotions could go
Clutching a razor
Feeling years of fear, pain and heartache
My cells, my belly, my womb, blood, heart, bones sobbing
Until warm honey, golden lights
Flowed through me, dissoving me
Into the rich, loamy earth
Deeper and darker
OH sweet release
Only this, right here, right now

Beyond the veil
There is no death
No “self” to die
No time/space
No yesterday or tomorrow
No duality
So no “other”
No right or wrong
No suffering, only thisness
Only causeless joy

Beyond the veil
God is mathematical harmony
Sacred geometry
A divine symphony
The blueprint from which all is birthed
Nothing and everything
Aliveness enlivening
Pure consciousness
Infinite creative potential
Which we glimpse
In nature, in dance, in poem,
In music, in art, in silence

What’s beyond the veil
Will stay beyond the veil for most
And we exist in our finite world
With the pendulum swinging to and fro
Measuring time
As we do our karmic dance
Of attraction and repelling
Of cause and effect
Creating our own heaven and hell
Oblivious of an infinite Self

But seeing beyond
There is no unseeing
There is no unknowing
That this farcical life is a game
With a clock counting down
There are flowers to pick
And a body that loves to dance
I am more alive now
Fused with everything
Because I once died into nothing.

Bjbeyers February 2021–for my 67th birthday

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