Liberation 2/8/2021

Finite bodymind is like an ice cube–it has a constructed reality that is individual and personal. It has been crystalized by words, beliefs, stories, labels, emotions, pain, time, space… It contains dualistic thinking– right vs wrong, me vs them, female vs male, heaven vs hell. Contracted. Dense. Limited.

Non-dual mind is like vapor–it is infinite. Nothing personal, nothing local–a wordless everything and nothing–causeless joy. Aliveness enlivening. Peace.

With the shattering of the ice shell comes the recogition of this universal consciousness. There is no separate self. No future, no past. Nameless. Timeless. Awareness. Reality.

Flowing between infinite consciousness and crystalized finite mind is a state like water. My name is whatever you call me. My home is wherever I am. My time is now. I am whatever is happening.

I am happiest amongst other ‘flow-ers’– which is all of nature and a handful of people who have been cracked open by a glimpse of reality. People who have stopped polishing their ice cube and have begun to thaw.

bjb 2021

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