From This Place of Stillness

From this place of stillness
I see that all stories are superfluous
From this place of nothing
I see the something that is too much

The added bravado, the false pride, the spiritual guise,
The feigned helplessness, the story of glory,
The pomp, the excuses, the meanness, the humility,
The sweetness, the fear, the desire for something more…

And I will sit here with you
Until the waves stop their pounding
And the screeching gulls still for the night
And you lose your faces—

Even the face of love, compassion, empathy
Is superimposed on perfection
And it is a weight and a burden
And veils reality

Let it all go
For it is only with nothing
And in nothing
That you are everything…

© 2014 bjbeyers

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