Day 4 of my writing retreat
And the word ‘gifter’ comes to mind
Not just the word, but a world of meaning
It is the ‘soul’ purpose of humankind

This vehicle, this body we were gifted
Is meant for gifting…nothing more
To use the creative energy of nature
To tear down walls and open doors

You know these gifters
Some gift with their music, their poems, their art
Some with their crafted herbs and flowers
Some with their hands, all with their hearts

There is no other purpose for the human
If not as a gift for all of nature
The bee wasn’t created to destroy the flower
There is a higher, more powerful urge

We are the stewards, not the destroyers
Our milk flows when the baby cries
Far too many are vibrationally dead
No tears fall from their blind eyes

Arrogance keeps the calling hidden
Stop devouring the mother’s teat
And know that the natural vibration
Is marching to the Gifter’s beat…

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