Points of View

We are vibrational beings…contracted beings have a slower, lower vibration (red); expanded beings have a higher/faster vibration (violet). Different levels of consciousness are found at different vibrational levels…thus we have differing points of view.

I love my red sister…
Her vibration is low and sonorous
She is the beat of a heart
The protector of kith and kin
But her slow vibration fears change
She is the builder of walls
And creator of wars
And spilled blood

I love my creative orange sister…
She is the vibration of passion
She dances beyond her wall
To rejoice in her senses
But she is also addiction
The desire to feel only good
She is ritual and religion
She lives in the genitals

I love my yellow sister…
Her vibration is rising
She is productive and organized
She is community at its best
Before it becomes institutionalized
Before corporations and bureaucracy
Before patriarchy and politicians
Before greed

I love my green sister—
She lives in the heart
She has love and compassion
For all sentient beings
She is deeply connected to the Earth
And is a protector of all

I love my blue sister—
The vibration of consciousness is high
It is in her message, her voice, her art
Expressing a higher truth

I love my indigo sister—
She is an intuitive and a healer
Divinely inspired

I love my violet sister
She is one with all

bjbeyers 2018

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